Cleaning and making the bike look good


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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
I don't use degreasers any more, I just Dawn For Dishes (the non-citrus version), Scrub the bike down first, then do the chains and gears. There is a product called Finish Line gear floss, that's easier to move through and around the gears than a rag.

Also, I found that 409 or Fantastik spray cleaners clean the handlebar tape so well they look new, even my white bar tape, after you're done, and they work on cork tape as well.

Then rinse down the whole bike with easy flowing water, not a forceful spray.

Most lubes will tell you when you apply the lube to first run the chain backwards at least a dozen times, then to let the bike sit overnight, then wipe it off the next day, some lubes don't say anything, I still would let them set since most lubes have a carrier.

Everyone has a different way to clean their bikes, so if you a method of your own, tell us about it.